Golden Power (Fujian) Building Materials Science Technology Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Fuzhou, consisting of five business divisions: boards, furniture, flooring, coating material and prefabricate house. Golden Power Industrial Garden is located in Changle, Fujian Province with the total investment amount of 1.6 billion Yuan and the area of 1000 mu. Our company has established new products' development and experimental laboratories in Germany and Japan, formed a perfect marketing network in the world market and built up partner relationships with many countries such as the USA, Japan, Australia, Canada, etc. Golden Power has provided high quality products for some international public landmark buildings during these years.
  • ETT Subway/ tunnel  fiber cement steel plate

    ETT Subway/ tunnel fiber cement steel plate

    Calcium steel plate is one of the metal calcium series, by the high density calcium silicate board surface by chemical method, or inorganic enamel will be high weatherability fluorocarbon aluminium zinc steel plate and their organic combination, supplemented by high temperature and pressure, static pressure curing process, and at the back with a layer of a closed, moisture, strengthening the role of aluminium coated fabric. Steel calcium plate unique structure, obtained a number of national patents, is a kind of environmental protection, energy saving new material, it is widely used in tunnel, subway, airport and other underground transportation engineering fire protection and national protection.

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