Golden Power (Fujian) Building Materials Science Technology Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Fuzhou, consisting of five business divisions: boards, furniture, flooring, coating material and prefabricate house. Golden Power Industrial Garden is located in Changle, Fujian Province with the total investment amount of 1.6 billion Yuan and the area of 1000 mu. Our company has established new products' development and experimental laboratories in Germany and Japan, formed a perfect marketing network in the world market and built up partner relationships with many countries such as the USA, Japan, Australia, Canada, etc. Golden Power has provided high quality products for some international public landmark buildings during these years.
  • Decorative Interior Exterior Cladding Cement Fibre Board

    Decorative Interior Exterior Cladding Cement Fibre Board

    Green Wall Material

    Using Class A Non-inflammability material, all of the index is zero including combustion index, heat dissipation index, flame index, smog index, etc. No radioactivity for A type decoration material and unlimited for the production, sale and application range. The green wall material is consisted of unique nicotinamide crystal molecular structure after high temperature and high pressure process with many silicate and calcium substances, with excellent stable performance.

    Green Energy Conservation

    Effectively reduce the water and electricity, consumptive material, reduce the construction waste and dust pollution, shorten the construction period, greatly reduce the building activities and energy consumption for building use, reduce 50% civilized construction cost of the part project of branch company.


  • PDD Through-colored fiber cement external wall panel

    PDD Through-colored fiber cement external wall panel

    PDD Through-colored fiber cement external wall panel

    Its material has the characteristics of ultra-high density and ultra-high strength, and the bending strength reaches the highest level stipulated in the standard; Inorganic material, mold resistant waterproof, wind resistant, anti Japanese light, anti wall leakage, durable class A non-combustible, non-radioactive, green environmental protection; Full color, beautiful and generous. It can be used for high-grade external walls and interior decoration of buildings and subway stations.

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